Sometimes II

Sometimes life is soft
Sometimes it’s hard
Sometimes the Sun shines
Sometimes it’s cloudy
Sometimes the world is made of love
Everyone is nice and friendly

Sometimes the world is dark & hostile
Everyone is like a wolf, waiting to eat you up
Sometimes everyone cares
Sometimes no one cares
Sometimes We have company
Sometimes We’re alone

Sometimes life goes low before it goes high
It does’nt mean We’re forgotten
Sometimes life works slowly
Sometimes it works fast

Sometimes life treats you with padded hands
But never forget other times
Life is like a Ship at Sea
Permuted by different tides

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Sometimes I

Sometimes it feels like you will not get there
Everything is so blurry
So uncertain, so unclear

Sometimes it feels like you’re an utter failure
Good at nothing
But it’s just a feeling
And you know it will pass

Sometimes it feels like you’re already there
Everything is so bright
So clear & so certain

Sometimes it feels like you’re on top of the world
Nothing can possibly go wrong
You hope things continue that way
And never change

But somewhere in your mind You’re wary
Not knowing what life will bring next
But not fooled by the good times
You know it can get better
But you hope it doesn’t get worse

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On this voyage I set my course
On this sea of uncertainties I sail with confidence
No captain ever reached my sight
No pirate bold enough to sniff my
For I wield the armour that bends them at their best
And the charms that slay them to dust
And thus they lie weak and their souls bare before me
This ship of mine I wield with strength and might
Fearless and brave so no wind move me
Though the tides turn I ride them
And the Wind whirls I master it
The tempest came and he broke me
O tempestuous passion to tame me and wreck my ship
He tempted me and I fell
But he did not maim me
I rose up and with my broken pieces
The slow and steady waves of desire brought me
to the shores of your heart
I pitched my tent and made your heart my abode
This island of you I must explore
I must learn the mysteries of your forest
And know the secret of your caves
I must conquer your wild beasts and slay the dragons
That hold you captive
O my fair one I’m a crusader and my message is love
Your Kingdoms I have conquered
And your territories I have marked
I have possessed your lands
I have imprinted on you
Our souls are entwined
Let me be your guiding light in the dark.
Come to me and let my breasts comfort you
Come and find rest in my bosom
I will show you my hidden treasures
I will whisper in your ears sweet tales of romance
I will feed you with wild honeycombs
I will kiss your lips sweet sweet
I will make you my Pharaoh
You will rule my totality
And I will sit with you as your Khalisee

Judith Tejeri Otomi

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The Story In Your Eyes II

When I Look Into your eyes
I can see your sensuality
I can see the girl that you are
Behind the mask of colours & appendages
I can feel your need
Your persistent malady

I know your cure
I can hear your deep unspoken needs
I can speak your language
I can command your body
I can speak to your needs
I can see your true self
You belong with Me

The story in your eyes II

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Fairy Princess

You’re fluffy with rounded edges
Like pancakes
You’re slushy & fuzzy
Like Teddy’s

I don’t know posh
Nor rosy beds
I know bones
I know butter too
And two sides to a coin

I can’t seem to be myself
Around you
I can’t quite get comfortable
With you

It’s not that you bite
That you’re scary
Or gon hurt me

I know our worlds
Are different
No matter what I do or how I try

I’m gon break some rules
I didn’t mean to
And step on toes
I didn’t even know were there

And somehow it’s gonna come
Tumbling back to me
Like a house of cards

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If I Were A Woman

If I were a Woman
Would I be a slayer or
A nerd?

Would I have peace with
My body knowing
The power it wields?

When I walk down the streets
Would I bask in the admirations
And soak-in the stares?

Would I look myself
In the mirror
And say: Go girl, slay them all?

Would I look at my
Shapely frame &
Supple, tender skin & tell myself:
You’ve got the power!…

Or would I shy away
From it all?
Would I hide myself in books
And dress to hide my looks?

Would I walk with my head
In the clouds &
Try to convince myself
That brains are more powerful
Than looks?

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